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Founded by Raj Westerberg, South West Scenery is a scenery design and construction firm focusing on craftsmanship, innovation, extraordinary problem-solving skills and teamwork serving the film and television industry in the Southwest of the UK and beyond. 


With over 25 years experience in the industry led by a hands-on carpenter with an MA in Scenography – Scenic Design, South West Scenery has the skills and expertise to design and build even the most challenging props and sets - from small animation models to back lot facades. 


A life lived in constant contact with nature has led to a keen commitment to sustainability. Our firm puts the environment at the heart of our business.  We choose sustainably sourced materials as standard and aim to reuse and recycle our products and scenery wherever possible.

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The company regularly works in the UK, USA and Europe including the Middle East, always choosing locally sourced sustainable building materials and collaborating with local partners to reduce carbon emissions from transport and shipping. 


We also aim to be a fun and rewarding place to work and have a valued team of employees and a deep bench of freelancers we call on to help us achieve larger projects.  We put health and safety at the forefront of our working day.


South West Scenery is a one stop shop helping clients develop designs and produce construction drawings including CAD and CAM files.  Our fabrication facilities include access to CNC, Metalwork as well as Scenic Artwork for complete satisfaction on even the most complex jobs.

South West Scenery, Design & Construction for Film & Television
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